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Emily Sussman ’18

Emily Sussman ’18
Graduate Student – MS in Major Rehabilitation Counseling
SUNY Buffalo Graduate School of Education

What three words best describe who and what you are?
Old. Passionate. Goal-oriented.

What inspired you to earn your college degree? What was your “moment”?
My daughter who has High Functioning Asperger’s inspired me. That moment was when I was assigned my first essay and got an A. At 55, an individual with learning disabilities and being told I was stupid all my life. I finally knew that they were the ignorant ones.

Why did you choose to attend ESC?
It was because of the success that my daughter was having online. I decided that since I knew how she learned and how I learned weren’t so different that this was the the place for me.

Who supported and encouraged you along the way?
My family, some professors and my mentor, Ginger Knight.

What, if any, obstacles did you overcome?
Being a different learner you tend to work three times as hard as your fellow classmates. What I learned is that if you keep asking the questions, most professors will answer and clarify. Once I learned how to work the program and how it worked I did well.

What advice would you give to a prospective ESC student?
Online learning is not what you think it is. It is hard and wonderfully rewarding. You connect and are much more interactive with your classmates and professor then you would ever be in a lecture class. They also have some of the most amazing professors and mentors. Take a chance and try ESC.