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Hady Aouad ’10

Hady Aouad

Hady Aouad ’10
Hady Aouad Consultancy & Management Firm

Why did you choose Empire State College? What do you think is the best thing about the college?
As I started working abroad, I was looking for an educational institute that will provide me with:
– Good Material through professional instructors,
– An accredited degree worldwide,
– And a special touch that cannot be found in every other College and University.

How did your Empire State College degree help you achieve where you are?
The diversity that was provided in the discussions and classes enriched my knowledge with other people’s experience. This was especially true experiencing that each person comes from a different culture, country and mentality, thus each one will participate by adding their own touch which will widen our horizon and enable us to see and understand the subject from its different perspectives.

What is the name of the company where you are working and what is your job title?
I have just launched my own Consultancy and Management Firm in the Middle East, based in Qatar: “Hady Aouad Consultancy & Management Firm.” In parallel, I consider myself an entrepreneur who is interested in launching good ideas, monitor the planning and the growth, and move on to another challenge.

What is your career highlight or proudest career moment to date?
So far, I have occupied many important positions with lead companies in their business on a global level.
Working with FedEx, Exxon Mobil, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC): it will give each individual with a certain professional touch that will shape your career and portfolio.

What advice would you give to a current Empire State College student?
As a student, I had no idea what the real world would look like once I started my actual work. Looking back, if I was a student again, I would have enrolled in an internship program with a company that would add to my academic experience relative to the theoretical knowledge from the college.

Why do you give back to Empire State College?
I am so proud being a Graduate from ESC, and I feel the sense of giving back to the institution that helped me reach where I am.