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Hani El Abed ‘05

Hani El Abed

Hani El Abed ‘05
Digital Marketing Manager
United Arab Bank

What is the name of the company where you are working and your job title?
I work for United Arab Bank as the Digital Marketing Manager mainly managing the bank’s digital strategy and marketing campaigns with assets such as the website, intranet, social media, emails and SMS.

How did your Empire State College degree help you to achieve where you are?
First, ESC gave me the edge over my peers upon graduation with having a degree from an international reputed college from the states. Second, the knowledge of advanced computer languages and research skills I gained enabled me to successfully face 12 years of career challenges.

What advice would you give to current students that you wish you had known when you were enrolled?
My advice to current students is: “Everything you have learned since birth will become complete with this last academic phase, so take advantage of it to the fullest to ensure a greater future, don’t waste it so that you don’t waste your chance to lead.”