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Paul Najm ’16

Paul Najm

Paul Najm ’16
Business Development Officer
Grappa Systems

What is the name of the company where you are working and your job title?
I am a Business Development Officer at Grappa Systems (software development company specialized in IPTV) experienced in all aspects of sales and B2B marketing, networking, presentations and communication as well as account management.

How did your Empire State College degree help you to achieve where you are?
My marketing degree has prepared me and given me the knowledge and skills for the job market, and to succeed in my future career. Other than academic learning, I have also developed critical thinking and problem solving skills through their intensive live seminars in Lebanon, and I was exposed to a multi-cultural community which exchanged thoughts, ideas, and knowledge.

What advice would you give to current students that you wish you had known when you were enrolled?
The best advice I can give to future graduates is to put all their energy and do the best they can, never miss an opportunity that comes their way, never give up no matter how severe their failure was, and life after graduation isn’t a peach (like lots of young adults think). Good things take time to come, so plan your next step in your final academic year and don’t let anything bring you down or break your spirit even if you couldn’t get what you wanted right away. Perseverance, stubbornness, and vision is what keeps you going, so never settle for anything less than what you asked for.