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Alumni Online Library

Empire State College is so pleased to be able to offer our alumni special access to a segment of the college’s online library.  Our alumni are truly lifelong learners and we are committed to helping you in all your academic pursuits.

Before accessing the Alumni Online Library you must activate your account:
You will be assigned a new username/password for library access.

Click here to activate account

Once activated you may access the Alumni Online Library directly at
Just click on the library resource you wish to view and login when prompted.

Please note:

  • Your username/password is only for library access. To access the online community or any other service you may need to setup a new username/password per the requirements of that service.

The Library and Learning Resource Center is a web-based online library maintained by Empire State College.

Although Empire State College does not have a traditional library building, the online library provides access to thousands of electronic journals, all of which are accessible to our alumni anywhere and anytime through your computer.

The Alumni Online Library features:

  • 11,000+ unique full text journal titles encompassing millions of full text articles.
  • 10 online searchable databases
  • Dozens of full text public domain electronic book collections