Alumni: 89,000   Students: 17,000

Alumni Refer-a-Student Program

Our Alumni Make It Happen Alumni Refer-a-Student Program

We know that many of our alumni make it happen for future SUNY Empire students.  You may have learned about SUNY Empire State College from one of our alumni at work or in your personal life.  Alumni are our best ambassadors; you understand the SUNY Empire experience and all the benefits of a SUNY Empire State College education.

Do you have a friend, family member, or colleague interested in starting or finishing their college degree?

We want to partner with our alumni in our Refer-a-Student Program! Your friends, colleagues and family members who apply to the college and then enroll in a SUNY Empire degree program can receive the following benefits:

  • $100 Presidential Scholarship toward one term of their enrollment
  • Waiver of their $50 Orientation fee
  • Access to a recruitment professional from their area to answer any questions they may have during the application process. 

How It Works

When you have a friend, colleague or family member interested in SUNY Empire State College, you can:

You know better than anyone that higher education can open doors and change lives. For questions, please email or call 518-581-5380.

Refer a student today and help make it happen!