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Jim Fiorino ’11, ’15

Jim Fiorino ’11, ’15
Director of Distribution

What three words best describe who and what you are?
Dedicated. Focused. Thoughtful.

What inspired you to earn your college degree? What was your “moment”?
A few things. 1) Wanted to set the example for my son that it is good to work hard to achieve a personal goal, especially when people tell you that you can’t or shouldn’t do it. 2) To be in a better position to market myself.

Why did you choose to attend ESC?
The flexibility of the online classes and the ability to work on the assignments on my time. Having a clear understanding of the expectations of the professors at the start of the semester and the ability to work with professors if work/life got in the way of assignments. The onsite sessions were also a key part, as you have the opportunity to meet your classmates face to face.

Who supported and encouraged you along the way?
Family and fellow students.

What, if any, obstacles did you overcome?
Time management. Understanding the work load of the class as well as work and balancing the needs of both to ensure that I was successful at both.

What advice would you give to a prospective ESC student?
You better have great time management skills if you expect to be successful at ESC. Make sure that you, and your family, understand the requirements of going back to college and identify a support network up front.

Why do you give back to SUNY Empire?
To ensure that other working adults know that there are other options out there versus your typical college structure.

How has your experience at ESC changed your life since graduation?
I am able to market myself better for promotional opportunities and have proven to executives in the organization I have the ability to handle multiple assignments at the same time.

Anything else you would like to share?
If you are thinking of going to ESC, talk to former students to get a real understanding of what to expect. ESC is an opportunity to better yourself and you have the flexibility to do so with their programs.