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Kristina Borovkova ’16

Kristina Borovkova ’16
Senior Customer Master Professional

What three words best describe who and what you are?
I follow the core values, such as operational integrity, respecting human rights, safety, ingenuity, diversity and Inclusion to apply to daily operations and work safely, and in doing so committing 100% to safe work environment. As a leader at my current role, I continue to seek for opportunities to motivate teamwork, collaboration, achieving results the way.

What inspired you to earn your college degree? What was your “moment”?
I have become a strong believer that education and knowledge are equivalent to power; therefore one should be open-minded and ambitious to learn.

Why did you choose to attend ESC?
At age 16, I left my family and my home in order to pursue my education. I dreamed of becoming a leader. I was able to achieve that goal by acquiring an education in the United States and the Czech Republic.

Who supported and encouraged you along the way?
My family, friends, and mentors.

What advice would you give to a prospective ESC student?
Always follow your dreams and never give up.