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Queva Pizarro

Queva Pizarro

Queva Pizarro
Navy and Army National Guard Veteran
Student, Business Management & Economics

How did you find out about Empire State College?
While serving on active duty in the Navy, I was assigned to Navy Recruiting District New York’s Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) in Brooklyn, NY. While serving as a job classifier there, I worked alongside civilian contractors, many of whom I became friends with, and who told me about their experiences with SUNY Empire while pursuing their degrees. As they had nothing but positive and fond feedback for ESC, I began to conduct my own research online and found that ESC offered quite a few courses and programs, some that I was interested in. What made ESC more desirable was that they were considered to be veteran friendly…a plus for me! From that point on, I consulted my Command Education Office and registered for an individual course to obtain my own learning experience, which I’m glad I did.

Which aspects of Empire’s format work well for you?
ESC offers an array of academics and formal communication among staff and facilitators there to ensure you get all that you set out to pursue, without any chance of failure. The way that ESC has open channels of communication is what works the best for me, while I endure the college experience. ESC’s academic format creates a welcoming experience, which helps me to engage in higher education without certain stress factors. I also enjoy how ESC is veteran-friendly, offering assistance to transfer career-orientated and military training credits toward the degree plan of my choice. I enjoy the convenience of the online courses provided and their flexible study schedules which many courses allow. It helps alleviate time constraints and allows me to enjoy the learning experience more comfortably while I manage my time.

If you have a job, how is your degree at Empire helping you in your career?
I recently was honorably discharged from the Army National Guard and have decided to take this time to focus on my family and higher-education opportunities. As I am pursuing a bachelor’s in Business Management and Economics, with a concentration in human resource management, such a degree will open doors towards an Officer Leadership Program that I plan to apply for while rejoining the Army National Guard after graduation. The studies in which I have chosen under my degree plan will allow me to obtain the knowledge and tools to become a successful leader and manager within the military and any organization thereafter.

Is there anything you’d like to share about your military service?
I am a military veteran of 18 years in total, I served 14 years on active duty with the Navy and 4 years with the Army National Guard. I received numerous awards and been through an array of military education and training.  Because of such training and experiences in certain job fields within which I have worked while serving in both branches, I have obtained many skills that I feel can help myself while engaging with others outside of the military if I chose to pursue in the near future. I’ve learned to work with others in a team environment and have been assigned as a mentor and placed in leadership positions throughout my career. Because of the opportunities and accomplishments provided through the military, I have become a more aligned and goal-orientated person. I am proud to have been part of such an elite organization while serving my country.

Is there anything else you want to highlight?
I’m not only a veteran, I am also a wife and a full-time mother of three precious toddlers, ages 3, 4  and 6. As busy as it can get to maintain a household and care for children of such young ages, I still find the time to pursue a higher education to better my chances at more advanced job opportunities for my family’s future and to set a positive example for my children. While taking a full load with ESC (three 4-credit courses each semester), I have taken it a step further and attend on-campus courses each semester at a local college here in the Houston, Texas area. On top of my studies with ESC, I also take one extra course of study each semester with San Jacinto College, while fulfilling my approved degree plan. I have chosen to take both online and face-to-face courses to get the full college experience with a bit of social interaction. By doing so, I have been recognized by San Jacinto College for my academic standing of holding a GPA of 3.8 and higher and have recently been selected and inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success, San Jacinto chapter. Along with such an honor, San Jacinto College has nominated me as an honors student and I have recently been selected and am now a member of the National Honor Society Organization. Becoming a member of such honorable organizations and to be awarded a $1,000 academic scholarship from the CCME, I am humbly grateful for the opportunities which have motivated me to give 100 percent to all that I set out to do.